Join me in setting a financial vision for the next decade

  • A Growing portfolio of passive income
  • A Portfolio of assets that I can use as collateral
  • Basic household expenses that will not be financed by primary income

Passive income

Assets that can be used as collateral

Basic household expenses

Being able to cover things like rent, utilities (electricity, water, internet, Netflix), food, and clothing without touching salary is going to be a liberating achievement. For me this is a point I will be excited to reach.

Take Aways

Take a moment this January and ask yourself what your financial vision for this decade is. Jot down a maximum of 4 goals that you will strive towards. Then find an accountability partner and share them. Make sure your goals are specific and measurable. Let’s hope to be still alive in 2030 and get a chance to review and reminisce the moment we actively influenced our financial destiny.



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